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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 13, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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see you next week. i appreciate it but tom sullivan is ready to take it from here. >> good evening. in tonight critics ripping up the pressure on the justice department over hillary clinton's pay to play scandal. they want to know why they blocked the probe into the potentially illegal dealings between the clinton foundation in the state department. that developing comes in more damaging revelations about the former secretary of state. the president then chief of staff she traveled to new york
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to interview candidates for a top job at the clinton foundation and the fact that she did work for that while she was on the state department payroll fueling claims that the foundation potentially broke the law. we take all of that up. in the weekly standards. also tonight donald trump shutting down reports about a rift in the republican party they make a surprise appearance at his rally in erie pennsylvania earlier today. they have better get in line. most of them have really supported us. but some of them just can't get over it. we're just having fun. get over it. you signed a pledge i guarantee that i will endorse whoever wins the funny thing is all of those pledges that were signed so that i would sign it and i would have
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honored it. even if i wasn't fond of it. a pledge is a very important thing. donald trump today having some fun at the expense of the mainstream liberal media overreacted when over reacted when he said president obama and hillary clinton cofounded the islamic state. where were they when hillary clinton said trump is the islamic state in the best recruiter. he is becoming the best recruiter they are going to people and showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists. the way he talks about that in his very insulting language is making him the recruiting sergeant prices. they join me later tonight. our top story the push for
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republican party unity. today taking to the stage at the trump rally interim -- in pennsylvania and uprising in the party. but the chief political correspondent traveling with donald trump he has this report. >> trump staff met with rnc staff. eighty-seven days of the campaign. hillary clinton continues to surge. the latest poll shows that they have pulled ahead by five points. in north carolina she is a had nine points. in virginia clinton is up 13. in colorado she now trails by 14 points. according to the polls since the convention her numbers have gone up while his has flatlined. earlier this week they show a surge in ohio.
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clinton released the tax returns today. they have an adjusted gross income of $10.6 million and takes 35% to the irs. he won't release his tax returns. they released a web video. if he is the real deal or the phony if he releases his tax returns. every candidate for president has released their tax returns and i think donald trump should as well. they are rattled by the rhetoric. while the staffers discussed ground game. they want to set up it in all 50 states. to have half that many. they race through washington this week. the house and senate candidates. they denied it on social media
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blessing. he sounded prepared to believe it. i'm the one. the founders of isis trump this morning tweeted that he's been joking. it is so seriously that i call president obama and clinton the founder of isis and nbp. he said hedged on that claim. obviously i'm being sarcastic. but not that sarcastic to be honest with you. they are wanting to see the 33,000 missing e-mails. donald trump is holding that rally in altoona. let's listen in.
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>> so there it is. the american dream. here is obama. the american dream is to have a house. wow. great job obama. all right here's the snake. no i like that. so syrian refugees admitted to the united states monthly total since october of 2015. how stupid are we look at
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that. and hillary clinton again wants 550% more. and i can happen. you better get out there and vote. here is another beauty number one, the% of immigrants in the united states. plus senses. a lot of them coming in from syria from places that are rough in places. so here is something. i spent a lot of money on my campaign i continue to spend a lot money on my campaign. i'm raising a lot of money for the whole republican party. that's okay.
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i had raised a lot of money. we took an $82 million last month and i don't think they even know i'm doing it. some of these people they are saying while we don't know if we like donald trump. i'm raising so much money for these people they will figure it out soon. and the other ones you know when you hear that never trump. with the highest vote in history. it's not me it's going to be hillary. if it's hillary you will have super left leaning judges. a country that is destroyed. probably forever. how could they not say trump. but they defeated. never trump.
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so we understand. it doesn't matter. if we when it doesn't make any difference. i will tell you what i will say never them. in one way i feel a little foolish to be honest. i showed this yesterday. hillary is the hedge funder. tough guys tough people. they give her millions and millions. >> what's interesting about that is they won't be supporting him the money is going to hillary because she wants to keep the carried interest here. trump said he's going to get rid of that. that is another reason why some of these is ross perot
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looking back in the 1990s. turning to hillary clinton the pay to play scandal. the questions and new questions and i over whether the department of justice is or will investigate whether foreign government bought influence by donating to the clinton foundation. in washington dc tonight. >> they are expanding their criticism. texas republican senator is questioning why they failed to open a case into the clinton foundation and its relationship with the state department. in a letter to the attorney general this kind of conduct is unacceptable. it reflects the worst concerns heard by the public about the abusive government office to benefit the powerful at the expense of the american people. it violates the commitment she made to congress in the executive branch. that pledge to separate the foundation from the state
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departments work. they maintain they know of no current investigation into hillary clinton however the same officials admit if other officers were looking into the clinton foundation they may not share knowledge of their investigation. fbi officials said there was an investigation into the possible intersection of the clinton foundation and the state department. critics claim they serve as a vehicle. clinton allies had denied those claims. and also tonight more news. she was then secretary clinton's chief of staff and she went to new york to connect high-level business from the clinton foundation. the campaign spokesperson said she volunteered her personal time to a charitable organization and she has to other charities. she paid for her travel personally and it was crystal clear to all involved that this has nothing to do with
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her official duties. the idea that this poses a conflict of interest is absurd. they confirm they used no government money for the trip and they also noted that they can work on projects as long as they use their own time and follow federal ethics rules. the one we need to know more about the relationship between the state department in the clinton foundation. listen to this preview coming ofone sda do youlved in a pay to play arrangement with the big donors to the clinton foundation ? >> it looks that way more and more every day. they've been made public just in the last week seem to make a direct connection between favors done by state department officials in the foreign.
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tom: he's shot down any reports about trouble with donald trump presidential campaign. and don't believe the garbage you read let me tell you something donald trump the republican party all of you working to put him in the white house and save this country together. it sounds like a unity speech to me. fred burns and the washington times columnist both fox news contributors. where is this advertising about the republicans are up in arms. there's good to be a come to jesus meeting today. where is that all coming from. it never was can be one. and remember there was gonna be this intervention with rudy giuliani and they were going
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to interview. and for some reason that didn't happen either. i think that donald trump has before him a great chance to bring a lot more unity to the republican party. and it is the economic issue one that appeals to all republicans. and trump has a reagan like economic plan with deep tax cuts and regular trait relief migratory relief and hillary's plan is so bad the difference is so great that trump i think ought to be humoring it full-time and not digressing at all. it can bring a lot more unity than is there. it's a very good point. people have been talking about the economy there is the supreme court message about you have to vote for that. we were talking during the break about the fact that there are other things that
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people need to wait on this election as well. were thinking about what's can happen after the election of course because people seem divided. the next president is can have something very serious to deal with. americans then naturally come together and that kind of dynamic. a part of the question has to be who do you want in the white house controlling the government during an extra tensile crisis like september 11 to pray you don't know what's can happen. do you want the democrats and more of what we've have for seven years or do you want to republicans. most americans recognize when you have a military dynamic you want the republicans in office. he has made it very clear that national security matters to him. he leads on the issue of dealing with terrorism. that's can be a primary issue after the election certainly for the next president. >> down the street from your office as a department of justice. i've heard both stories about they are going to go investigate this whole business about the clinton foundation and maybe there is
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some conflict of interest laws that have been broken. in and other state there to block it the fbi has asked about it. they don't want to look about it what you hear. >> i've heard at both ways. i don't really think it makes any difference if we have an investigation it's not going to be over by november 8. hillary clinton well not be indicted. republicans need to look for other issues. i think timmy makes a good point about terrorism and who do you want in the white house. there are other than the economy which i think is the issue that helps him the most the next one is terrorism. but he needs to be blunt about it. not sarcastic not seen things like hillary founded isis but just be blunt about what the threat is. he got where he is by being blunt and straightforward this is not the time for sarcasm or cuteness they have to stick to
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it. >> we want to blend. it is that. and clarity though. we want some clarity because as they're fighting at right now the media will not report what he does. they will report what they want to pretend he did. he needs to be even more clear more consistent in the nature of his message. i think he understands that. the best revenge is to success and victory. i think that's what he will have in november. thank you very much. breaking news. the federal government declares a state of emergency in puerto rico. due to widespread transmission of the zika virus. more than 10,000 people including the actual number likely much higher than their numbers. and many infected with the virus do not show symptoms.
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be sure to vote in the polls tonight. with a politicized justice apart department up department ever hold hillary clinton accountable. cast your vote tonight on twitter. and please roll the video on this one. watches us young daredevil climbs nearly 2000 feet to the top of a double horned mound only to leap into the air. he makes the death-defying flip from one rocky tower to the other. clearing the five feet behind that. there is more up next. they discuss negative stories about hillary clinton. >> someone was explaining to meet their theory. if they don't report on her people are going to know how bad she is. she hasn't had a news conference in like 260 days.
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>> the media is talking about another controversy over semantics. let's be very clear. it was barack obama and hillary clinton who helped undo all the hard-fought gains in operation iraqi freedom. that ourn in securing that nation. tom: joining me now, host of "media buzz," howie kurtz. i guess everybody has a
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different sense of outrage about things. and i held my heart on a few things donald trump has said. but the isis comment, come on. why is it, especially the media, is having such a hard time understanding what he meant? >> i'll try not to be too sarcastic. but if donald trump wants to call hillary clinton and donald trump the founders of isis, we checked into this. they are not the founders of isis. but at the same time this is a particular particular trump used successfully in the past, going a little bit over the line. he gets hit and the story goes on for three or four days. he said he's going sarcastic but not so sarcastic. you can't complain too loudly about the coverage though some of it has been over the top.
3:29 am
i don't think people that have a little sarcasm gene in them, i don't think they can change. do you expect them to see any change in donald trump in the future? >> that's not happening. there is a lot of media chatter, he will pivot the general election. then you go to a rally and he would be spraying targets. that personality is what got him to this place. but at the same time i have to say when you engage in those kind of tactics, even if the media are against you and trump has been getting a lot of hostile congress. the last three weeks the worst coverage i have seen for any presidential candidate ever. you have to expect you will get beat up a little bit. there is a reason professional polished politicians don't use sarcasm. it's to avoid this kind of media
3:30 am
play. tom: there was smoke there about the clinton foundation and conflict of interest. was there a law broken or quid pro quo? there doesn't seen to be as' curiosity about that as to whether president obama is the head isis. >> i think the latest emails showing the cozy fave-seeking relationship between the clinton foundation has gotten some serious coverage and is a potential headache for her if more of this comes out. it's easy to understand. but as with all things in this trump-centric trump-dominated campaign. it's been overshadows by all the trump controversies. so it's fair to say that otherwise if trump had gone on vacation, the clinton emails
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would be the lead story. tom: the email story started off slow. but it's been building and building and creating questions in the mind of even democrats. >> i think those are fair questions. some other company or some other foreigner in the case of this big donor can't get the attention of the top aide of the secretary of state. in fairness there hasn't been an incriminating email written by hillary clinton herself. but she need to answer these questions. the other reason she stays out of the line of fire, she is one of the least if not the least accessible presidential candidates in modern times to the press. she gives very few interviews. that is helping her, but it also means she has newer opportunity to get out her mess and. howard curt, always good to see you. we are coming right back with much more.
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place stay with us. top -- oj officials say -- top d.o.j. officials say they objected to president obama's plan to pay hundreds of millions in cash to iran on the same day they released american whose takens. >> $400 million in koosh going. it happens to be the same day as the whose takens were released. he will stand up and he will say that one thing had nothing to do with other. he's grossly incompetent. this is no ordinary skydive. just wait until you see what wait at the bottom of the mountain.
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>> we are lettering a key senior official at the justice department objected to and warned the state department that that $400 million cash payment to iran would be seen as ransom money. the "wall street journal" reporting john karline was among several senior justice officials who raced objections about the jant payment. joining me now, john hannah. what's your take on that $400 million.
3:37 am
it doesn't seem like you have to be a national security expert to go at the same time it's going to look bad. was it ransom? >> tom, as you know, if it look like a duck and walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck. the president was mocking critics who said this look like ransom. he sent out josh earnest to say think is another example hardliners against the nuclear deal. tom: how does that work with the d.o.j.? you are a senior top official, and you object. what happens to your objection? does anybody hear it?
3:38 am
>> i assume these things get said, they get argued out, and they get steamrolled by a white house and state department in the form of secretary of state john kerry that weren't willing to take no for an answer. they wanted this deal above everything else and were willing to do just about anything, including, it look like, paying ransom to whose takens, completely contrary - -- for hostages. tom: one of the whose takens released told trish regan they had to stay on the ground until another plane arrived. >> he's going to do egg in his
3:39 am
pour to protect this nuclear deal. he knows the political damage and delegitimatization that would occur if he were to be seen as trading money for hostages. he will play the clock out until everybody moves to a didn't subject. congress has to get involved and get to the bottom of this like congress did 30 years ago when president reagan was found somebody selling arms for hostages to the mullahs. tom: the reports make it look like we were being more successful in our efforts against isis. >> it's a huge scandal. we are a country at war with men and women on the front lines in harm's way. the hostage terrorist threat
3:40 am
posed to the homeland is imminent. and it appears to be in the tank with the political views consistently expressed by the president, there is nothing to see here, isis is the jv team. everything i'm doing here is exactly right, so no need to change course here. tom: it is shocking. john hannah, thank you for your expertise. roll the video. we have one daredevil combining his favor summertime sport with win suiters soaring through clear skies at 75-mile-per-hour. each celebrates by landing on a slip and slide like you did when you were 3 years old.
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donald trump says we should not believe the economic stats being given to us by the obama administration. >> the 5% stuff is made up so politicians and presidents look good. if you give up looking for a job, you are considered statistically employed. tom: former presidential tom: former presidential candidate and media mogul steve
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tom: yesterday was quite a day with the dow and nasdaq all setting records. so we dropped a little 37 points on the dow. s & p2 points. nasdaq climbed 4. volume, big boards just under $3 billion shares. for the week, the dow, s & p and nasdaq posting fractional gains. listen to lou's reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem media network.
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joining me now, steve forbes. let's talk about messaging and donald trump. the media is having a field day. he says things, stirs people up. and it seems like every day there is some media houses that say let's just focus on something donald trump said today and that's what we'll do all day long. >> which gets the question why do you serve up the bait for them to come after you. after a good speech monday, economic speech in detroit, why didn't he make that the theme. why are you talking about isis? why do you say they founded isis when everyone knows they created environment for isis. so why do you make your life more complicated. he can still win because he's
3:47 am
running against hillary clinton. tom: is this something that's new? you have known the man for a long time. is this a sarcastic guy that we all know in business? >> on a personal level he can be charge and engaging. but in terms of politics, it's a new venue. but he's been at it for over a year. his negatives are not frozen the way hillary clinton's negatives are. he has to reassure daughters that he has the temperament. having that list of 1 funding. tom: he does well with teleprompter speeches. >> and when he came out with a list of 11 supreme court nominees, all substantive people. the foreign policy speech, he has a lot of doubts there. but then what will happen on
3:48 am
tuesday. he then steps on his own story. tom: i do like the ross perot look alike charts he's pulling out. there are somewhere charts that show how bad things have happened in the economy the last 5-10 years. >> he can make the debate about you want another third term, he wins. that's the only way she can win. she can't win on the issues. tom: she'll without blinking say we are going to rein in wall street. but wall street is behind her. she is in debt to wall street. she talks about going after the rich. going after the people at the top. how does she do that without blink? >> the same way she has done commodities trading. one of the things that's sort of
3:49 am
in her favor on wall street. theyso when she bashes us. i think they are mistaken. i think internally she does not have an inner bill. she is much more left wing liberal more than a lot of centrists. tom: i'm trying to figure out who is the real hillary clinton. that was al gore's problem. they kept change it. is she really more a centrist or more of a hawk which the democrats won't like? or is she more bernie sanders? >> on domestic policy she is more bernie sanders. 20 years ago she is the one who pushed national healthcare, early obamacare. and didn't have the political skills to get it through. she is on the left. in terms of foreign policy. a hawk. reset with russia, that worked well. she was there for iraq and some of the other disasters.
3:50 am
so the opening is there for trump. tom: if you promise free stuff, free college, no debt. >> but there is more, we'll give you more. tom: donald trump says he's the only candidate working hard to win your vote. >> i stands up here four months in front of massive crowds against 300 people going to her events. she gets 300 people, then she reads something from a teleprompter and then she leaves and goes home and goes to sleep. then she wakes up and she goes again. i'm telling you, and nobody does anything about it. me, i stands up here. i'm not look at notes.
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i'm not reading teleprom terse. not easy. hmm. [cell phone beeps] hey! [police whistle blows] [horns honking] woman: hey!
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tom: on our online poll, 96% of you say the clinton foundation was set up to entice foreign
3:55 am
donations to influence our election. >> i said the founder of isis, in fact very soon he's going over to pick up his most valuable player award. did i say that? i say it all the time. so they knew i was being sarcastic. but now they are analyzing. did i really mean that? how could i say that? these people are the lowest form of life. tom: joining me now town political edstorm guy benson and elizabeth harrington. everybody is being, they are baiting him, he goes for it, he doesn't want to change his style because it worked for him in the past. is this going to help him or hurt him?
3:56 am
>> i don't think it hurts him. the isis comments, i think he said it clearly with hugh hewitt. him and hugh agreed the policies of withdrawing from iraq led to the creation of isis. they agreed it's correct and donald trump said, the way i say it people will talk about it. and that's his strategy and it's true. it's very effective. we keep talking about it. and really the media running with this and saying, oh, we need to fact check taking his comments so literally, i don't recall the fact check of that when obama called mitt romney a vampire in television ads. it's absurd they are fact checking this event to this degree.
3:57 am
tom rrp guy, scenario, you have a nephew that needs a job at fox business and you call me up and say tom can you help me out? that's what network is. but if i said sure i'll get him a job, but would you send a check to my foundation first? isn't that the smoking gun they are looking for at the clinton foundation and short of that is just smoke? >> it's an awful lot of smoke, though, tom. it's just one instance and revelation after another going back to thing that we already have forgotten about almost and haven't talked about like 1,100 undisclosed foreign donations. they have to refile 3 to 5 years tax returns because they underreported foreign government donations by tens of millions of dollars. then the individual aned or apparent quid pro quo, where there was back scratching for main donors between top aide at
3:58 am
the state department who are supposed to be serving the american people on behalf of u.s. taxpayers and american citizens calling in favors and helping facilitate some of the ways in which those donors seem to seek access to power. i know that there is not yesterday a very clear quid pro quo smoking gun that would be disqualifying. but there is so much evidence that has been compiled. absent the 30,000 deleted emails where a lot of people wonder what's in the contents of those. tom: that brings up the question, will the d.o.j. investigate? maybe they won't. will it be the d.o.j. or possibly wikileaks dumping the information? are we going to find out whether there is that smoking gun before november? >> exactly.
3:59 am
i think guy is right there is no smoking gun because she deleted the emails. but i think the emails are out there. there is lots of evidence wicky leak has them or russia has them. the f.b.i. director came out and said it's very likely her server was hacked. that's the problem from the beginning. the real scandal was always the clinton foundation. and the national security -- tom: let me give guy the last word. do you think we'll find out before november what's on those emails? >> i'm sceptical. to my many based on everything i had written for more than a year about the email scandal, i thought there was clearly reason for an indictment and provable intent, and i think trey gowdy helps expose that in the comey hearings and we didn't get an indictment. it seems like they are teflon, the clintons, sometimes.
4:00 am
tom: we'll see. it's coming up pretty quickly. that's it for tonight. thanks for joining us. ed rollins and ambassador john >> the next vice president, my friend senator tim kaine. >> the next vice president of the united states, governor mike pence. john: mike pence and tim kaine will soon be a heartbeat away from the presidency. who are these people? and are they our only choice? fortunately not, there is the libertarian option. though the media rarely acknowledges that. how important is a vice president? all these became president.


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